The Horizon Plus Stair Lift is top of the line and represents the pinnacle of stylish design and innovation. Not only is it an unbeatable value, it also comes equipped with a long list of standard features that aren’t available on any other lift. The Horizon Plus Stair Lift was clearly designed with a focus on user needs.

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The Horizon Plus Stair Lift is a premium stair lift that has been specifically designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Every detail is intentionally crafted to create a safe and comfortable stair lift that will allow you to enjoy increased freedom and mobility and regain easy access to all levels of your home.

This model combines all the latest available features in stair lift technology into one affordable product. Beginning with a powerful, efficient, and quiet drive train system, the Horizon Plus Stair Lift will provide a smooth and gentle ride every time. It also comes standard with armrests and a footrest that can be folded up and out of the way when the lift is not in use to provide ample room for others to use the staircase.

If you are experiencing a decrease in mobility, then safety is a top priority and there is no other model on the market that comes standard with more safety features. From a retractable seatbelt to secure you in place and a security key switch that will prevent unauthorized use to a safety edge sensitivity system that will halt operation if an obstruction is detected, there is no safer model available.

Perhaps best of all, the Horizon Plus Stair Lift is a battery powered model, which means that you will always have access to the use of your lift, even in the event of a power outage. You never have to worry about being stuck on one floor of your house! Our long-lasting batteries are powerful enough to make numerous trips without using your home’s electrical supply.

Choose from among several available color options to customize your chair to best compliment your home and enjoy the unbeatable comfort and support of our ERGO seats that can be rotated to allow for safe dismounts once you reach your destination.

If you want to learn more about this superior product and find out whether it is the right option for you and your home, contact one of our stair lift experts today. We can get you started on the road to greater mobility today!

Drive Type Rack and Pinion with OSG control
Battery Powered Yes
Self Installable Yes
Basic Installation Included No
Standard Capacity 308 lb
Max Track Length, Standard 14.75′
Max Track Length, Optional 55.25′
Rail Angle, Min 25°
Rail Angle, Max 62°
Track Material Aluminum Single Rail
Seat Width, Min 17.7″
Seat Width, Max 22″
Swivel Seat Yes
Swivel Seat Rotation Manual – Top Only
Flip-Up Seat Yes
Flip-Up Armrests Yes
Constant Pressure Controls Yes
Footrest Safety Sensor Yes
Call Stations Included Yes – Wireless
Digital Diagnostics Display Yes
Unit Footprint, In Use 24.8″
Unit Footprint, Parked 13.5″
Key Lock Yes


Product Features

Drive Type Rack and Pinion with OSG control
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