Stair Lifts

We offer nationwide measuring and installation, and also offers the option for you to do it yourself, saving hundreds of dollars. Give us a call and we will walk you through the process of having your home outfitted with a safe, affordable stair lift.

Every model we offer is constructed using only the highest quality parts that will ensure that your lift continues to operate like new, even after years of daily use.  We also take particular pride in our record for superior customer service.  Our experts will be there to help you every step of the way, including well after the sale.

Straight stair lifts are the most simple stairlift installation possible and most can be completed in a couple hours, saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in additional cost! All of our straight stair lifts come with installation instructions and YouTube videos are available to help walk you through the installation.

You can always opt for our nationwide installation service though, if you feel more comfortable with that option.

Give us a call for a quick price quote over the phone today on a straight stair lift!

YOU are in control of how your finished Curved Stair Lift is going to look and function. If you don’t want your stair lift to just stop at the bottom of your staircase for ascetic reasons or because there just isn’t enough room for it, there are options for that. You can opt to have it wrap to the side with a 90° turn or around the wall completely with an 180° turn. You can also design your lift to include a bottom run-on if your home’s layout has room for it.  If your home doesn’t have a lot of room at the bottom of your stairs, you can change your bottom rail from a standard drop to a nose drop which saves 4″ of space.  Design your curved stair lift to fit your needs.