Dumbwaiters are essentially small cargo elevators designed to lift groceries, laundry, firewood, or other items from floor to floor in a multi-level home. Why install a dumbwaiter? The number one reason is safety. If you routinely carry heavy loads from floor to floor of your home or business, then you run a serious risk of injuring yourself or others. Dumbwaiters are convenient, time saving devices that will take the danger and hassle out of transporting heavy loads.  Installing a dumbwaiter can also add value to your home and increase your enjoyment and safety.

We offer two different models. Our Express and Express PLUS both are designed for easy residential installaiton while the Express Plus offers commerical level dumbwaiter solutions at industry low pricing. The PLUS model is our newest model and offers longer travel options and higher weight capacities. The original Express model has provide years of successful residential use and remains a contractor favorite while the new Express Plus unit has rapidly become an industry favorite in both the residential and commerical market.

Both units are great solutions for either residential or commercial dumbwaiter appications at industry leading price points. Let one of our elevator experts help you configure a dumbwaiter solutions for your application be it home or business. Give us a call 7 days a week.

Express Dumbwaiter

Struggling to carry laundry, groceries, and other heavy and cumbersome loads up and down the stairs of your multi-level home can be a thing of the past when you invest in an Express Dumbwaiter.  This practical tool is surprisingly easy to install and will leave you wondering why you waited so long to purchase one!

If you have been shopping around for a dumbwaiter, you may be wondering why our competitors’ prices are so much higher.  The answer is simple:  most dumbwaiters involve complex wiring and intricate pulley systems that require a high level of expertise in order to install.  This means more money out of your pocket.

AmeriGlide is able to offer the absolute lowest prices available by streamlining the installation process.  We pre-assemble as much of the dumbwaiter as possible so that installation is as straightforward as possible, allowing us to pass savings along to our customers.

Additional AmeriGlide Express Dumbwaiter features include a 32’ reach, a travel speed of 20 feet/minute, and the ability to make 2, 3, or 4 stops.  It is also designed to meet ANSI standards and operate using to low voltage control switches.  Give us a call today to get started and start experiencing the convenience of having a dumbwaiter in your home.

NOTE: A shaft must be available or constructed in order to use the Express dumbwaiter. Please consult with a local contractor for more information on shaft construction. We will work with your contractor to provide application drawings customized with dimensions for your specific project.

Installing the Express Installation of the Express can be completed by a contractor, a handyman, or a skilled homeowner in these steps:

  1. Connect sections of track
  2. Secure the drive cable to the header
  3. Route the wires to the control buttons and door interlocks

And to facilitate installation and routine maintenance, simply use the temporary plug-in bypass control.

Max Travel – Standard 12′
Max Travel – Optional 32′
Car Size – Standard 20x20x30
Car Size – Optional 24x24x30, or Custom
Stops – Standard 2
Stops – Optional 3 or 4
Weight Capacity – Standard 100 pounds
Weight Capacity- Optional 150 pounds
Stainless Steel Panel Option Yes
Hardwood Door Option Yes
Straight Through Car Option Yes
90° Car Option Yes

Express Plus Dumbwaiter

The Express Plus Dumbwaiter can make daily tasks a breeze when it comes to transporting heavy or bulky items between floors. Whether you’re moving laundry to the utility room, sending groceries to the kitchen, or lifting firewood to the living room, the Express Plus’ 200-pound weight capacity makes it more than capable for most household dumbwaiter applications. Optional larger car size has a 300-pound weight capacity. With ETL Certification, the Express Plus Dumbwaiter is approved for commercial applications when properly equipped to local jurisdiction requirements.

Driven by a chain drive machine that can be mounted at the top or bottom of the hoistway, the Express Plus travels at up to 30 fpm along aluminum guide rails. Instant safeties prevent the car from falling in the event of a chain failure, while the mechanical limit switches provide over travel protection and slack chain detection. For added safety, interlocks come standard, preventing the doors from opening unless the car is present, and preventing the car from moving until the door is closed.

Call/send stations allow you to send and retrieve the dumbwaiter from any level and feature “car here” and “in-use” indicator lights.

Not sure if the Express Plus will work for you? We offer custom car sizes and configurations, as well as a number of custom finishes and options.

To learn more about the Express Plus Dumbwaiter, give our dumbwaiter experts a call today.

Max Travel – Standard 12′
Max Travel – Optional 51′
Car Size – Standard 20Wx20D or 24Wx24D and 30H or 36H
Car Size – Optional Min car size for side mount rails: 14Wx17D,
for rear mount rails, 14Wx14D.
Max car size 30Wx30D.
Stops – Standard 2
Stops – Optional 3 or 4
Weight Capacity – Standard 200 pounds
Weight Capacity – Optional 300 pounds
Stainless Steel Panel Option Yes
Hardwood Door Option Yes
Straight Through Car Option Yes
90° Car Option No



Express Plus